January 20, 2012

Posting From My Phone

Well this is my first post from my phone.  I am hoping I will be better at keeping my blog updated now that I have a camera and a way to post  with me everywhere I go. 

Today Deacon and I are eating pizza waiting for Alexis to get home from work. We are staying here and hanging out with her while Jody and Jordan go on a little golf trip to St.George for a few days.  Girl's (and Deacon) weekend, yay!

May 31, 2011

May 24, 2011

Tautphaus Park Zoo

I love going to the zoo. This past weekend we went to Tautphaus Park and we all had a great time. The lions were actually out of hiding and close enough to take pictures of. This big guy was incredible. There were also quite a few babies there this spring including monkeys, a camel, a snow leopard and a lemur. The cutest was the momma wallaby with here baby poking its head out of her pouch.

May 15, 2011

Class Pictures

I love getting class pictures. I think it is one of the best parts about Deacon going to school. When the picture came home, he showed me who all of his friends were that he is constantly talking about. Deacon doesn't like getting his individual school picture taken, but he loves taking his class picture. He has loved his teachers this year. For the past few years he has been in school he has had multiple teachers in the same classroom. He has always picked out one of them who he really gets attached to. This year that was Mrs. Nash. We are sad that she can't move on with him to first grade. Mrs. Goebel has been great too. Having a kid like Deacon in her class was a new challenge for her, but she figured out how to make everything work wonderfully.

May 11, 2011

Happy Mom's Day!

I am so thankful to have a great Mom. I am also so thankful that I AM a Mom.


It's that time of year again. I personally wanted to let it grow longer, but Deacon hated getting his hair styled and Jody wouldn't let him leave the house without a hat on. We haven't tried to buzz his hair for quite some time because it has NEVER gone well. Thankfully, now Deacon is getting better and better with things that have previously overwhelmed him.

Before AND After.

We are not above bribery.

Jody only wishes he had this much hair to buzz off.


December 5, 2010

Santa Jody

Jody and I have been handed the reigns as Mr. and Mrs. Clause. Since La La and Pa are getting a little older, they decided to retire and pass the costumes down to us (although, I think we have to return the costumes after each gig for safe keeping). We doubt Deacon would be too happy about seeing his dad like this, especially after Daisy barked and growled at him when we went over to take pictures. Eventually though, she decided that she didn't want to be on Santa's naughty list and let him pick her up.